Superstar – stiff promo video from hell

I can’t resist further damage to this blog’s credibility by following up my post of September last year on Jesus Christ Superstar, with a choice of bit of cheesy video. This would appear to be a promotional video for the original single of ‘Superstar’, with Murray Head rather unconvincingly lip-synching to his own performance on the album.

Yeah, I know. But listen to that band. For a bunch of English session men that’s a pretty impressive groove, and proof, I think, that English players by the early 70s could deliver convincing R&B if they wanted to. The standout player for me is the bass player, the late Allan Spenner: listen to the way he keeps it high up during the choruses, emphasising the ethereality of the girl singers while reminding us that it’s about to drop down and get roadshow again in a minute. I appreciate good bass playing; my first serious attempts at playing music were as the bass player in a school garage band.

I realise that posting this video is almost calculated to not make you listen to the music, because it’s so cheesy. Consider it a challenge. Enjoy.

Superstar – stiff promo video from hell

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